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Facilities Management Consultancy

Given that 80% of the life cycle cost of a building is Opex, it is imperative that FM experts are engaged at the very earliest stage of design to ensure that building operations and maintenance are fully explored and registered. Elegancia offers FM Design Review, a process of systematic, comprehensive and documented review and analysis of Building Design to determine its capability and adequacy to meet the requirements and potential problem with respect to building operations and maintenance point-of-view. Through this, FM Design Review will be important in conceptualizing building design strategies, identify building design and facilities issues that require improvements which will result to reduce its operational cost.

Concept Design Review Stage & Operational Recommendation

Master Plan Review, Maintainability & Operational Impact, and Operational Management Strategies

Construction Stage

Construction Progress & Asset Registers, As-Built and O&Ms Documentation, Detailed Operational Plans, KPIs & SLAs, Service Charge Cost Modeling, and Procurement & Contract Transition Stage

Testing and Commissioning

Witnessing T&C of Installations, Snagging and Takeover, and Spare Part Control & Management

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