Disinfection and Prevention Services

Equipments for Disinfection Prevention
Measures of Novel Coronavirus 

The World is currently gripped by an outbreak of a respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in China and which has now been detected in almost 183 countries, including in the State of Qatar. The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease it causes has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). 

Outbreaks of novel virus infections among people are always of public health fear. In response to this, Elegancia Hospitality & Facility Management Services has expanded its cleaning department with additional staff and specialist equipment in order to support clients with concerns regarding the health of their employees, and the hygiene of their assets. As such, Elegancia has partnered with specialist local and International companies (Ecolab / Betco / Diversey) to create a Disinfection Services Section that supports small to large area disinfection for prevention and eradication of unwanted bacterial infections.

What is Novel Coronavirus? 

The 2019-novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), known as “Wuhan Virus”, is a new strain of large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. Chinese scientists subsequently isolated the 2019-nCoV in which it has been found to be at least 70% similar in genetic sequence to MERS and SARS. It’s suspected to be impacted by visiting live or dead farms, wild animals and/or seafood market. It was identified as the causative virus by Chinese authorities on 7 January 2020, where the first case was linked primarily to stallholders who worked at the Huanan Seafood Market which sold live animals. 

Small Trucks
Large Area Disinfection

Hino 500 truck

  • QTY: 2
  • 16-ton capacity
  • water tank capacity of 10,000
  • 60 KVA generator
  • 15 KW high-pressure pump (85 m HEAD and flow up to 20 CM/H )
  • Water spray up to 60 meters Horizontal
  • Water spray up to 40m Vertical
  • 6 Nozzles fixed in the rear of the truck with the capability to ground spray with a range over 5 m
  • Hose rail with nozzle spray with 50 m hose



  • QTY: 1
  • Ultrasonic atomisation disinfection
  • IR Temperature Reading with Alarm
  • DISINFECTION TIME: 1 Person / 5 Seconds
  • CAPACITY: 1 Min. / 12 / People

Human Disinfection Unit

  • QTY: 10
  • DIMENSIONS: 200 x 200 X 220 cm.
  • Auotomatic Sliding Door
  • FLOOR: Hygienic Mat / DISINFECTION
  • NOZZLES: Stainless Cleanable,
  • Pulverized Drip Diameter 5-10 mic. /
  • DISINFECTION TIME: 1 Person / 5 Seconds
  • DISINFECTION CONSUMPTION: 1 Person / 0.083 ml
  • CAPACITY: 1 Mn. / 12 / People


ULV Cold Fogger

  • QTY: 57
  • Water Tank capacity of 8 L
  • Power 800W
  • Water spray up to 10 meters Horizontal
  • Operation: 15 minute

Internal / External

Public Rest Rooms: 

  • Door handles
  • Sink faucets and toilet handles 
  • Towel dispenser handle 
  • Soap dispenser push plates 
  • Baby changing station 
  • Trash receptacle touch points

Lobby Areas and Food Service Dining Room: 

  • Door handles, push plates, thresholds and hand railings 
  • Telephone and keypad 
  • Tables and chairs
  • Coffee and beverage stations 
  • Vending and ice machines 
  • Public information kiosk 
  • Trash receptacle touch points
  • Highchairs

Kitchen and Back of House

  • Door handles and push plates 
  • Handles of all the equipment doors and operation push pads 
  • Handles of the dispensers (beverage, etc.) 
  • Ice scoops 
  • Walk-in and other refrigerator handles 
  • Walk-in refrigerator and freezer plastic curtains 
  • Freezer handles 

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