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Elegancia Facilities Management is a leading provider of facilities management services Internationally and in the State of Qatar, with more than 8 years of experience delivering across multiple market sectors. Elegancia offers our trusted clients a service that meets, and hopefully exceeds, all their expectations. Our team is focused on quality so that you can concentrate on your business. Facilities Management (FM) is a multifaceted discipline to ensure the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. In Elegancia, FM is always provided through a self-delivery model, which we call Integrated Facilities Management (IFM). IFM unifies the delivery of all our specialist facility management services and enables us to provide all the benefits of outsourcing - such as efficiency savings and improved performance - whilst ensuring you the same degree of control, commitment and accountability you’d have if you delivered it all in-house.

About Elegancia

Our Purpose

To add value to the society for a better lifestyle.


Our Vision

To be the leaders in our industry.


Our Mission

Thrive for sustainable value creation for the company’s stakeholders through an efficient infrastructure based on innovation, technology, efficiency, specialization, and positive work culture aiming for excellence.

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Why Elegancia?

The term ‘facilities management’ is widely used to cover a large range of activities. There is not one simple, adequate description, as many things will fall under the umbrella term. A facilities management company’s main objective is to help clients focus on their business. Elegancia has over 8 years of experience as one of Qatar’s leading facilities management companies and throughout this time we have learned that not one client is the same. Accordingly, we have utilized this experience to develop our market leading integrated facility management (IFM) model. We tailor our services to match the individual needs of our clients to reflect the high standard of each organization.

To do this we provide a team of engineers, led by our assigned Contract Project Manager, who will fulfil the total service requirements through the delivery of planned preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance and reactive maintenance to ensure you can focus on your business whilst leaving the rest to us. Elegancia’s determination to ‘support your vision’; our clients’ vision; our own company’s vision; and the State of Qatar’s 2030 National Vision is what drives all we do in delivering our services. In collaboration with our clients we work together in a partnership of mutual respect and trust to ensure long lasting relationships.

Elegancia will save you time and money. If your company is having problems with services such as maintenance, cleaning, IT, security, or any part of your daily life that does not directly affect the core business of your company, we can help you. We can take over the responsibility of numerous items that clutter up your working day (the water hasn’t been delivered again, the security guard has gone off sick, and the help desk system has crashed), we take responsibility for all these different areas, improve your services and save you money. Our vision is to be the region’s greatest FM service provider. Everyone at Elegancia understands what it means to be the 'greatest' and work incredibly hard to deliver this in all we do every day. For Elegancia, it is not all about revenues, profitability or growth; it is about being recognized as the greatest in our field of service.


Services that deliver what you need

Account development

Value for money

Clear management information

A service that evolves with you

An honest partner you can work with

Well resourced team

Proactive account management

  • Our Sectors Health Care

    With Qatar’s growing population, comes the rise in the Healthcare industry. Elegancia provides top quality service to Qatar’s Health Care Sector such as, Cleaning Services, Document Control, Timekeeping and the like.

    Elegancia sectors
  • Our Sectors Retail

    We cater to Qatar’s local Retail Sector by providing services such as 24-hour helpline, Spa and Fitness Management Specialists and more.

  • Our Sectors Commercial

    Elegancia prepares Hospitality Services in the Commercial sector, including; Tea Boys and Girls; Concierge and Bell Services; or Dry-Cleaning and Laundry Casual Labor.

  • Our Sectors Residential

    We offer Janitorial Services such as soft and detail cleaning, and pest control services to our clients’ homes.

  • Our Sectors Government

    We provide professional Energy Management Solutions, Fire Alarms, Fire Protection and CCTV Monitoring and various integrated facilities management requirement to our clients in the Government sector.

    Elegancia sectors
  • Our Sectors VIP

    We also provide Engineering Services and Administrative General support to our clients in the VIP Sector.

    Elegancia sectors
  • Our Sectors Property

    We oversee the operation, control and oversight of residential, commercial, and real estate properties, and offer unparalleled service to our clients.

  • Our Sectors Education

    We assure that the required Facilities Management services are integrated accordingly in Educational providers such as Schools, Colleges, Universities and others.

    Elegancia sectors
  • Our Sectors Smart City

    The Smart City Sector is a fundamental aspect in the development of Qatar; as such, we cater our services to support organizations involved in the industry.

    Elegancia sectors
  • Our Sectors Airport

    We provide Facility Management and Cleaning Services to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the core business of Airport Sectors.

    Elegancia sectors
  • Our Sectors Defense

    Our broad range of services include Facilities Management, Cleaning Services and Administrative General Support to clients in the Defense Sector.

    Elegancia sectors
  • Our Sectors Tower Block

    Elegancia’s wide range of facility management services are provided to high-rise buildings; services such as HVAC Maintenance, Elevator and Escalator Maintenance, Waste Management, among many others.

    Elegancia sectors

Our Certifications

  • Soft Services Disinfection
    And Prevention

    Equipments for Disinfection Prevention Measures of Novel Coronavirus

  • Soft Services General

    Elegancia provides daily cleaning services to a wide range of clients across numerous sectors. Directly employed cleaning, supervisory and management staff operate throughout our contract locations in premises that include office environments, Government buildings, medical facilities, manufacturing environments, etc.

  • Soft Services High Level
    Access Cleaning

    Internal and external window and fabric cleaning is self-delivered via our Facade Cleaning division. All directly employed members are fully rope trained and experienced in using all manner of building cradles, MEWP’s, water fed pole systems and traditional window cleaning methods.

  • Soft Services Periodic
    Deep Cleaning

    There are numerous members of our directly employed team members that are trained to deliver more than just your average day to day cleaning.

  • Soft Services Domestic
    Waste Management

    Our cleaning, supervisory and management teams have exposure to the world of waste management daily, assisting our customers and their tenants in waste segregation and correct diversion.

  • Soft Services Hospitality

    From the provision of office hospitality staff to full service catering Elegancia takes pride in delivering quality customer focused hospitality services to all sectors.

  • Soft Services Pest

    Elegancia has a dedicated internal team for all kinds of Pest Control challenges; bedbugs, cockroaches, flies & mosquito, termites; and rats and mice.

  • Soft Services Soft

    At Elegancia we can manage all your soft landscaping and internal plant requirements. Our team oversees elements that include turf, trees and shrubs in the harsh Qatari environment.

  • Soft Services Security

    With our Security Partner, Stark Security Services we offer: Static Guard Services, VIP Security Services, Mobile Patrolling, Control Room Management, Remote Automated Monitoring Services, etc.

  • Hard Services Maintenance

    With hundreds of years of collective experience, our employed, multi-skilled engineers and technicians provide a wide range of planned preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance and reactive mechanical and electrical maintenance services to high profile clients in private and public sectors.

  • Consultancy Services Facilities Management

    Given that 80% of the life cycle cost of a building is Opex, it is imperative that FM experts are engaged at the very earliest stage of design to ensure that building operations and maintenance are fully explored and registered.

Our Projects

Elegancia has various projects in different industry sectors in Qatar. We are proud that all our projects are elegantly serviced and highly maintained.

Elegancia projects


Elegancia projects

Souq Waqif Al Wakra

Elegancia projects

Dafna Tower

Elegancia projects


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